Model: S400 (Electric)

Maximum Tray Size (mm): 460×660

Power (kw): 19.2-23

Dimension (mm): 1168×2207

Door opening radius (mm): 6760

Weight (kg): 340

Maximum bake load (kg): 40

1.Increased Baking Surface (IBS)

Our own patented system for alternate rack rotation inside the oven. The IBS system provides faster, more even and more energy-efficient baking.

2.Smart control panel

User-friendly dust and moisture-resistant panel which allows a good overview of the entire baking process. With its intelligent energy-saving functions and the option to check the costs per bake, the panel provides complete control over finances. Rhe option to easily save and retrieve recipes, and program the oven start time, all allow for increased efficiency.

3. Extractor canopy

Catches heat and steam when the oven door is opened.

4. Strong insulation

Retains the heat inside the oven.

5. Robust construction

Stainless steel which extend the oven’s life. Easy to clean.

6. Heat-reflecting window

Large oven window with heat-reflecting double glazing and good lighting. Provides a good view of the baking process. Shows the product in the store.

7. Integrated high capacity steam system

Gives bread a smooth, crisp crust and some increased volume.

8. Robust legs and wheels

Wheel holders in electrogalvanized steel plate. Lockable wheels in white polymide. Ball bearing swivel. Plain bearing wheels. Easy to move.


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